Is there a charge for the initial consultation?

No. The initial meeting is a free informal meet & greet.

We do appreciate that you fill out forms before we


What are the forms that are required?

In order to get to know your pet better, we have a form to

learn about your pets and their behaviors. A form is required for each and every pet. It also provides us with your contact info., emergency info, medical information, etc... A waiver is also required.

Where can I access the forms?

We will email the forms to you before our initial meeting.

What can I do to make your job easier?

Please keep leash/ collar in a designated spot. Also, if your dog wears a coat, keep it with the leash. Please provide a dog towel at all times so we can clean off their feet. Let us know if your pet gets a treat after the walk & where they are kept. Additionally, if you have cats. Keep the scooper close to the litter box & bags to remove litter.

What is included in the visit?

When the visit is for cats, we feed them, give them fresh water & scoop their litter. We also play with them & give them lots of love.

When the visit is for dogs, we focus on the walk for the better part of the visit. We can also feed them & give them fresh water if you would like. Overnight visits include as many walks as needed in the 12 hour period, feeding & fresh water, bringing in mail and/or newspaper, watering plants.

Do you refuse clients?

Yes. In some circumstances if the fit is not right, we will

decline to take on a client.

Do you charge for canceled appointments?

Only if the cancellation is less than 24 hours before the scheduled visit.

What do you in cases of Extreme Weather?

If there is extreme hot or cold weather, we will decrease the time spent outside. The remainder of the visit is spent indoors after your pet has taken care of business outside.

What time will you visit?

We schedule our visits within 2 hour increments. We try to visit as close to the time requested. 

Do the up charges apply to me?

In order to continually provide excellent customer service, we need to have our schedule determined the previous day. Unfortunately, we do charge for last minute visits.

Do you have any coupons or discounts?

WE DO have a referral program ! For every client your refer , who becomes a consistent client, we will give you a $10 credit toward your pet services.

Do you give medications?

We can give pills & topical medications.

Is there a charge every time you pick up my house key?

If a set of keys is provided for us to keep at the initial consultation, we will not charge for pick up & drop off of keys.

What are considered holidays?

Martin Luther King weekend, President's weekend, Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day week,

Labor Day weekend, Columbus Day weekend, Thanksgiving week, Christmas week through New Year's weekend.

Are there special requirements to become a client?

In order to utilize our services, every customer must complete a pet profile & sign a waiver. We will bring a contract for you to sign as well. Additionally, your pets must remain current with all vaccinations. They must be licensed if required by law.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us initially by providing information on our "contact us" page or you can always call, text or email us at the number/ email address provided at the bottom of this page.

Do you notify your customers about time spent with their pet?

Yes, if you request an update, we can email or text you about our visit with your pet.

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 215.407.2121